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You Have Challenges.

We Can Help.

People often come to us because they are stuck. They can't seem to lose weight or get over an injury.  In some cases, they have reached a fitness plateau. These challenges call for an expert.  Fixing the problem on your own won't work.



Long-standing injuries are the top reason people meet with Suzanne and Joe. Look at the testimonials page. You'll see that our clients struggled with an injury and spent some serious time and money to solve it before visiting Foundation Fitness to get the job done.  Everyone claims they can sort you out using some unique method. Our works. 


General maintenance is the next big reason people come to us.  Fine-tuning the body effectively prevents injury, reduces pain and improves mood.  Each trainer offers 1:1 training in which we optimize muscular balance. 

Need the benefits of personal training but can't stomach the cost? Small group classes with an attentive and observant instructor are highly effective and very affordable. There are morning, lunch and evening group classes for general fitness. Try it. You'll immediately notice the difference in our approach. The exercises are radically different and you'll notice it without being sore the next day. 


Medal-winning triathlete couple Jarod Shoemaker and Alicia Kaye call us their "secret weapon." If you're training for a marathon or the next big game, each trainer has expertise to help. Brian Meyer specializes in athletes and traveled with Dwight Howard as his trainer for many years. Suzanne has trained players from the MLB, NCAA and NFL. 

We Make A Difference at Foundation Fitness

In 2010 we opened with the vision of helping individuals get stronger, EXACTLY where they NEED to gain strength. Our trainers are meticulous; evaluating how well your body can and cannot move to determine which exercises are most important to progress each person on a truly individual basis!


We have helped hundreds of clients, from professional athletes including baseball players, football players, golfers, and triathletes, to recover from injuries, but more importantly, learn how to PREVENT them by training SMARTER off the field.


We have also helped student athletes, their parents, and everyday people to reach physical goals that previous injuries had not allowed them to achieve before they began

working with us.


Let us help YOU learn how to LIVE YOUNGER, gain strength, and help you to avoid injuries!

Are you getting ready for 2022?

We want to help!

Get accountability at NO cost to help you achieve your 2019 fitness goals.

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