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How to Set Goals for Your Health and Fitness Success

Every year we engage in the annual ritual of creating new goals for ourselves. It's a good practice, even if the goal is not achieved.  But what prevents us from achieving the goal?  There are two main reasons:

1. Setting unachievable goals


Most people create goals that are too lofty. And most goals are about fitness and healthy living.  We want six-pack abs, or to lose 40 lbs in one month, but it's often unrealistic.  Worse, we don't have a rational daily action plan to achieve the goal.  To help you set achievable goals we are offering a low-cost consultation. Just $25 for a 20-minute sit-down or video session.

We're all for goals. Let's set goals we can win!

Click below to schedule a goal setting session with one of our trainers!

2. Accountability


If you're accountable only to yourself it's very easy to slip. To skip legs day, or sneak that cookie.  But with accountability, slipping is that much harder.

To help you achieve your goals this season we want to be your accountability partner. At no cost.  How does it work?  You're going to share your goals with us electronically so that we can review them and push you if we see you're not taking action.  How to do this is laid out below.

In addition, we will send encouraging notes via Facebook Messenger.  Just scroll back up to that button and click it, we will do the rest.

How to set up accountability:

If you have a Mac or iPhone, it's really simple and costs nothing. 

  1. Open the Reminders app in either device

  2. Click Add List  (bottom left) to create a new reminder/list

  3. Name it "Dave's goals"  (replace the name with your name!). This is where all your goals will live.

  4. Here's the most important part: hover over "Dave's goals" and click the radio wave icon. This will let you share that list with us.  Add the trainer that you would like accountability from.

  5. Now it's time to create the actual goal.  Click the plus sign at top right to create a new reminder (in this case a goal such as "no cookies")

  6. Leave "remind me" unchecked (otherwise our phones will blow up with reminders)

  7. Set a Repeat that makes sense to you. Weekly, daily, monthly) 

  8. Repeat step 5 to create more goals

Done! And you can edit the details of the goals at any time.

Here's what it looks like in a Mac:

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 5.46.39 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 5.45.10 PM.png
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