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Our Client's Share Their

Success Stories


Back and Hip Pain

Molly has worked with Suzanne on and off for years to correct a variety of issues over time. Seven months of searing glute pain was resolved in under a month. More recently, three simple exercises brought massive relief in ONE SESSION.


Back and Shoulders

Nick has found great value in training with Joe. With a bad back and two bad shoulders, he found that working out on his own resulted in more injury.



Debbie came to Foundation Fitness with hip pain and was unable to trace the cause of the pain. When taking the client history, Suzanne asked “have you had any prior injuries?” Debbie explained that a shark severed her Achilles tendon many years earlier but that issue was fully resolved.


Back pain

Reid came to Suzanne with low back pain. After spending $10,000 over five years, no modality seemed to work. Yoga, physio, osteopathy, accupuncture, chiro... he tried them all. After 3 months of doing the right exercises the problem was resolved and remains so today.

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