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Young Man doing Physical Exercise


Jarrod and Alicia's Story

Jarrodd Shoemaker and Alicia Kaye are award-winning professional triathletes who train weekly with Suzanne.

Kelly Sisley, professional soccer player

Kelly Sisley, professional soccer player
Training; injury recovery and prevention

Sarah Haskins, 31, professional triathlete

Clermont Professional athlete training and injury recovery

Debbie Salamone, Longwood, Florida

Injury recovery, personal training

Ellen S., 69, retired sonographer, Winter Park

Recovery, personal training

Randy Birchmier, 51, Maitland

Personal training

Lauren, 30, Longwood

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Chase Duplantis, 29

Carpenter, Minneola Injury recovery

Bobby VonHerbulis, 45

Owner of McKee Construction Company, Sanford
Injury recovery

Erin M., 24

University of Central Florida student, Melbourne Injury recovery

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