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Say Hello to the Younger, Healthier YOU!

Young Joggers

Get out of the injury cycle for good!

Trainers at Foundation Fitness realize that every muscle matters. We use highly effective and unique approaches to evaluate the weakest areas of each client’s musculo-skeletal system, followed by the thought processes from resistance training to properly train those areas, and increase force production of every muscle.

We know from scientific research and study that each muscle in your body has a unique job. But injuries, stress, age or overuse may cause some muscles to fall short in performing their tasks – a situation
thatcanleadtodecreasedathleticperformance, or inability to perform everyday activities. These problematic muscles can cause other muscles to compensate, causing misaligned joints, muscle tightness and abnormal stress throughout the body.


Running Down Stairs
Running Down Stairs

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Personal Trainer Stretching Session
Personal Trainer Stretching Session

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Female Training
Female Training

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Running Down Stairs
Running Down Stairs

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Our Client Results Demonstrate What's Possible. 

“Suzanne is a huge part of my exercise and wellness plan. Not only has she educated me on proper biomechanics, but she has made a true difference in my recovery from back surgery. ” 

—  Grant Salisbury


We analyze your entire muscular system rather 

than focus exclusively on certain areas or

general muscle groups.  We methodically pinpoint your weak and improperly functioning muscles and leverage highly precise techniques needed for results. 

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Altamonte Springs, FL 

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